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Real life arbitrage

By November 12, 2006No Comments2 min read

Arbitrage. For some reason, I have been seeing this word a LOT lately in a number of different topics I read on. Its been cropping up in my daily SEO reading, online marketing reading, web2.0 reading, business, management, everything! (yes, I read a lot of stuff every day).

I guess I am late to the game, but it wasn’t until last week that I caught wind of PPC arbitrage. Apparently there is a TON of money in it for those who are clever enough to build upon its principles. From what I gather, the concept is simple: you create a link filled page to get lots of high paying contextual ads. You then buy cheap clicks on something popular. So the theory I guess is to buy 1000 clicks for $50, then hope you get 50 clicks to your site generating $3+ per click. So you net a $100 profit. I am probably glossing over the details (mainly because I didn’t do much research on it yet), but that is the gist of it.
In case you were wondering I’ve started posting my blog posts to both here and webimpresario. Mainly because I wanted something on here, and not sure what I’m going to ultimately do with that blog. I still love talking about business and the web, but now there are so many places to talk about it, not sure where it would be best served. So we’ll see what emerges as the best place to talk about stuff over the next few weeks.