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After three years since I last posted here, I felt the time was right to bring this medium back to life. This blog has existed on and off for nearly 17 years now and has unfortunately not been kept up. With more time on my hands, while working from home again, I felt it was an opportune time to reboot this site. 

Over the last three years, I’ve been focused largely on education. I spent a lot of time on SimCase the startup I co-founded that was built to help improve the quality of business education, I took on a role at the University of Miami to run their Entrepreneurship Center, and have been mentoring quite a few startups too. I stepped away from SimCase in December 2019 after 4 years, as it was time to get back to starting mode. 

We’re in a strange and disturbing new state of the world right now, an invisible enemy is quickly spreading across the globe, the economy is unstable, to put it mildly, and despite society having more tools to be connected than ever before, we’re becoming more and more isolated. This blog started for me as a way for me to digest what was going on in the world of business and technology, and to share my learnings with whoever cared to read. With so much instability, it seems like a great time to re-boot this site and I hope it can bring us all some clarity.

What you’ll see here is a mix of practical business advice, commentary on trends I see coming (my annual predictions will likely return but in longer format), life hacks I enjoy, the occasional cooking recipe, and updates from progress on various projects I’m working on. To get notified when I post something new, subscribe to the newsletter on the right. I’ll do my best to send a weekly roundup of new posts, interesting links, and articles I think you should read.

I sincerely hope you all take appropriate measures to stay safe during this coronavirus pandemic. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay