Gatorade LogoAs someone who drinks a lot of gatorade (my uncle, who is also my dentist, is probably cringing right now), I figured I had to check out Gatorade’s new line of “Natural” drinks. Apparently the only place that carries them is Whole Foods. Whole Foods hadn’t carried any other gatorade products before (as far as I know from my past trips, I’m sure @wholefoods could clarify this), despite their carrying Vitamin Water (which is just as unhealthy as gatorade).

After doing a bit of thinking I realized that I have none of the scientific background required to do a real review of this product, but I can review it purely on taste. I do have taste buds and years of drinking sodas, sports drinks, and other beverages. The only “natural” aspect of this is they use “natural flavoring” and sea salt and skip the high fructose corn syrup (yet use highly processed versions of sugar in sucrose and dextrose). So here goes, without further ado.

Gatorade Natural Orange Citrus:
Actually tastes pretty good. Has a nice round flavor, not too sweet, not bitter. Tastes like a mix of orange gatorade + citrus cooler, but slightly less sweet. Probably my favorite of the three I’ve tasted so far.

G2 gatorade naturalGatorade Natural Lemon Berry:
Pretty good as well, tastes less sweet than Orange Citrus. The taste is akin to mixing lemonade and “blue” raspberry and strawberry drinks. I’d drink this again.

G2 Natural Orange Pomegranate:
Blech. This tasted like shit. I love orange flavored drinks. I also love pomegranate drinks. This mix though brought out the worst elements of each. I choked down a third of this and threw it in the garbage, despite being in the middle of a summer soccer game. Never again.

I also tried a bit of one of the other G2 Natural versions, the Berry flavor, haven’t finished it yet so can’t truly rate it. G2 uses truvia or stevia to sweeten it, so it had a weird finish to it.

So will I buy this natural gatorade again? Eh, probably if I’m at wholefoods. I won’t go out of my way to get it though, and I typically buy gatorade in larger sizes than 16.9oz that this comes in. If Gatorade wants to send out some cases my way, feel free, or we can do a blind taste test.
Up next to try: Blackberry, citrus mango (though not at all looking forward to that), and whatever other flavors are at my local wholefoods.