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Startup Interview: Guerra Creativa

By December 16, 2009No Comments2 min read

Continuing in my quest to interview as many companies from South Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean, I stumbled upon Guerra Creativa. GC is the South American equivalent of crowdspring or any one of the other crowd sourcing contest sites.

Guerra Creativa is a product of Connaxis an outsourcing shop based in Buenos Aires which specializes in 3D and digital imaging.

1. What prompted you to start your company?
The recent boom in crowdsourcing, together with the rise in social media initiatives got us inspired to create a community platform like Guerra Creativa. We realized that there is a huge potential of Latin American designers and we imagined it would we great for them to have a place where they can show their work, develop their talent and earn money.

2. What problem/pain point/issue does your company solve?
Guerra Creativa is a platform where everybody can get their designs created at a low cost and a high quality due to our creative army. We give everybody the chance to have hundreds of professional designers working at the same time on their projects.

3. How does being in your city affect your business?
Our business is online, which makes it global. The infrastructure and support behind Guerra Creativa is headquartered in Buenos Aires, with the languages and cultural base of Latin America.

4. Who are your main competitors?
We are not only a marketplace for design services but we have developed a community for our designers too. Moreover, we focus on Latin America, so there is no competition.

5. How would you describe your Business/Product/Service, in l0 words or less?
Guerra Creativa is a global community for design services.

6. What is your business model?
Guerra Creativa as of this moment is still entirely incorporated and part of Connaxis, a creative outsourcing agency. Guerra Creativa’s purpose is also to serve as tangible evidence of the parent company’s business expertise.

7. Who are your target customers?
Guerra Creativa targets entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups and creative designers all around the world.

8. What makes you different from your competitors?
Guerra Creativa stands apart because of its community platform which includes tutorials, social networking, forums and other features. Interaction and peer learning leads to better designs! The majority of designers on the site are Latin American, with a particular flair for design.