Well this is sort of an intermediary wrap up of my texas adventure. My first full day was a long one, missed the start of the first sessions because of the insanely long line to pick up my badge. I did catch the last 30 minutes of Cameron Barret’s session on blogging, which was neat seeing as I’ve been reading Camworld on and off for 6 years.Next up was “How to be a web design superhero” by the pair of brittish Andys (Budd and Clarke). This was a great panel, although they didn’t cover anything deep, they put on a good show and managed to weave alot of creativity into it. If you can catch the slides online (can’t remember the url) I recommend grabbing them.After a quick bite of some local texmex food, I headed back for Jason Fried and Jim Coudal’s keynote. It was interesting to see what thye covered, as I’ve never heard Jim speak before, Jason covered alot of the stuff he talks about during his getting real workshop (well as much as you can in 20 minutes).3:30 rolled around, and I decided to check out “How to make $$ with your blog design skills” which i went to not to learn how to design, but rather to see if I could pick up any pricing practices. Peter Flaschner made some great points, especially about how the market for blog design is going in relation to the overall market for design. At 5, I checked out James Archer’s panel on small businesses, which I thought was really well put together (they even have a website!)After the long day of panels, frogdesign threw quite a party at some warehouse, complete with free beer and music. Gotta love the free booze. I was amazed at the number of people. Its interesting to see what kind of cool people you run into at these things. The rest of the night was a bit of a haze, but hey, isn’t that what SXSW is all about?p.s. check out these guys’ site, ran into them last night, it was kind of weird to talk CSS when drinking, but again, when in rome right.p.p.s. i’ll post some more updates on today’s events when i get a chance. must get sleep.