I’m writing this on my way to Austin for SXSW this weekend. This is my first SXSW, but I’m excited, so if you are going to be in town, and want to discuss the web, startups, or anything else, let me know. Post a comment here. BTW if you know of any good parties, let me know, i’m always up for a good time.Back to the matters at hand, the Seekum design should be rolling out this weekend. Hopefully you all like it.Also, Castvertising is approaching a beta state where I can show it off to you all. In the meantime, sign up to get an exclusive sneak peek at it a couple days before it launches. InfiniBill and infinitrack are coming soon too, just been waiting on some SSL issues for those apps to be unleashed. Yeah, i know, got a lot on my plate, but you know what, this is the perfect time to take these projects on (according to Joe Krause of Jotspot at least).