So far I’ve covered a general overview of tech in South Florida, the government’s role, and how local businesses can help; now we need to talk about how you, the individual technologists of South Florida can participate.

In reality figuring out the role of the individual in this grand scheme is both the easiest and the hardest part of this series. Why is it hard? Well for one how do you rally thousands upon thousands of individuals spread out across three counties? How can we rally people across an area of more than 6,000 square miles? An area ranked 7th in the nation population wise. So we’ve covered the logistical challenges, what are the practical challenges of this movement? The practical challenge is finding tangible ways for us as individuals to effect change. Things have to be simple enough and convenient enough for people to partake in them.

Why is it also the easiest? Well its much easier to get you, a free thinking individual, to participate in this movement than to get the company you work for to buy into. It is also easier to effect small amounts of change across a wide group of people which in aggregate amount to a great deal. So here are some simple ways to help grow the tech community.

  • Know a someone who works in tech (not just programmers and designers, could be the IT guy, the guy who updates your website,etc.)? Talk to them about the community.
  • Know someone who could benefit from technology in their business? Tell them about the various meetups and events.
  • Blog about your experience in tech, what you do, where you do it, and why. Promoting yourself as a techy in South Florida promotes the idea of tech in general
  • Pass out stickers, schwag, etc. (if we get around to making them, take some for your friends).
  • Tweet about events you are going to, or mention them on facebook.
  • Create a tweetup! (or a pizzatweetup, whatever the case)
  • Host a geek dinner (potlucks are always fun and cheap)
  • Tell 2 people about Refresh, Social Media Club, Mobile Monday, SFIMA, SFTA, FDMA, etc. etc.
  • Next time you head to a techy event, bring a friend (doesn’t have to be a geek, can be anyone, even better if its just someone who is curious).
  • Did you figure out something others might love to learn? Blog it! Sharing ideas and information is how you learned, so spread the love.
  • Put up flyers at your school. Lets spread the word old school. Not everyone is actively LOOKING for the community, but might be passively interested if they see it outside their class.
  • Don’t be ashamed of being techy, geeky, or into technology

So now that you’ve got some ideas from me, why not share some of your own?