no, not the comedy, the actual space where you work.

Lots of startups debate whether or not to venture out of the home office, they ask themselves, will this be too expensive? Will it be worth it? Well for everyone this depends, it depends on how self-motivated you are, and how often you’ll be meeting with clients in person. Personally I couldn’t take working from home after 6 months.
Now depending on where you live, you can get affordable office space, Miami and san fran are not affordable (at least desirable places) for class A or B spaces. Even New York is cheaper! Ok ranting aside, look at it this way, if you are spending 10% of your revenue on office space, but feel you are getting 10% more done, then the gain in productivity is worth it, why? because growth is key. if you save yourself 10% now, but grow at only 5% a year, you’re making alot less money than if you spent the 10% and grew at 10%. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your company.

Now as far as finding office space, that is tough, with some markets having a 90+% occupancy, you might need to get creative. Lots of older towns have old reconditioned factories and warehouses, which make for very neat and creative spaces. One advantage of a warehouse is the super low rent, you might be able to find warehouse spaces in the $10-14/sq foot range (cheaper in some other parts), whereas class A office space will run $28-35/sq foot (miami examples people, bear with me).

In addition to the fact you might gain a great deal of efficiency, you also give off the air of stability more, which is also key in finding new clientele.

I’m going to post pictures of my office space in the next few days to give you guys an idea of how i work. Why don’t you share pics of your office?