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The Social Network Movie Review

By September 14, 2010One Comment2 min read

Last week I was fortunate enough to get invited by the Miami ruby group to a screening of “The Social Network” aka the Facebook Movie. Yesterday I posted a review of the book this movie is based on, the Accidental Billionaires, which i thoroughly enjoyed. This movie is no different. The timelines are portrayed slightly differently as well as some things are emphasized more in the movie than in the book (his girlfriend barely makes an appearance in the book).

So the question everyone asks me is “how closely based in truth is this movie?” Well since I don’t have many first hand accounts to go on, I can tell you this, the book seemed to me to be about 10-15% embellished from real life, and the movie took it another 10% from there. I only am guessing this from asking friends who were early facebook employees, and from nuggets seen on sites like Quora and Facebook questions. Quora (founded by former facebook employees) has a number of great threads on this such as “What does Mark Zuckerberg thing of the movie?” or even better “What does Dustin Moskovitz thing of the movie” answered by none other than Dustin Moskovitz himself.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Would I recommend this movie? Yes. Would I see this movie again? On tv/dvd/streaming, not in the theaters again though (I RARELY see a movie twice in theaters). Though not sure it can hold a candle to the myspace movie 😉

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