So to continue our discussion of best soccer / football / futbol players ever or best lineup possible, we’re making one with only currently active players.

Here is our list of the current most dangerous lineup one could compile (assuming money had no bearing on anything).
Think you can compile a better list? post the position and the person in the comments.

  • Casillas Goalie
  • Puyol Center back
  • John Terry center back
  • Sergio Ramos center back
  • Xavi center mid
  • Andres Iniesta center mid
  • Messi Right wing
  • Kaka CAM
  • Franck Ribery Left wing
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Forward
  • Eto’o Forward
Samuel Eto’o Forward Cameroon
Just won La Liga, copa del rey and champions as well as scoring 30 goal in a season. His speed and ability to finish make him one of the most dangerous players in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Forward Portugal
08 fifa player of the year Ballon d’Or: 2008, just became the most expensive player in history and at 24 years old the sky is the limit. His speed and attacking ability make him one of the worlds most dangerous players

Franck Ribéry Left Wing France
French Player of the Year: 2007, 2008 German Footballer of the Year: 2008. lead Bayern Munich to 08 league title with his speed and ball control make him the worlds best left winger.

Kaká Center Attacking Mid Brazil
07 fifa player of the year the creating master mind behind Brazilian national team and one of the best playmakers in the world.
Lionel Messi Right Wing Argentina
UEFA Champions League Top Scorer: 2008-2009. He will with out question win the 09 fifa player of the year award. scored 38 goals and 18 assist in 09 season and is with out question the worlds best player at the moment.

Andres Iniesta Center Mid Spain
With out question the playmaking master mind behind Barcas triple crown, as well as the Spanish national team. His ability to play anywhere in mid field as well as his vision make him one of the worlds best center midfielders.

Xavi Center Mid Spain
Was 5th in Ballon d’OR rankings and the second part of the Barca midfield that won the triple crown. His ability to play on both ends of the pitch make him one of the most well rounded mids in the world.

Sergio Ramos Center Back Spain
Why: Team of the Year: 2008, UEFA Team of the Year: 2008. a staple in the real madrid D his speed and crossing ability make him very dangerous attacking from the back. his tackling ability also make him one of the best defendors in the world.

John Terry Center Back England
UEFA Club Football Awards Best Defender: 2005, 2008 english national team captain and only defendor on the list for FIFA player of the year

Carles Puyol Center Back Spain
Barcelona team captain just lead his team to la liga title, copa del rey title and champions league all in the same year(first time in history). As well as spains euro08 title

Iker Casillas Goalie Spain
Only goalie among finalist for FIFA 08 player of the year award where he ended 4th, first ever goalie to captain a national team to a Euro championship win. The world best one v one goalie and named 3rd best goalie of all time by IFFHS


  1. Casillas
    S. Ramos J. Terry R. Ferdinand Puyol
    C. Ronaldo F. Lampard
    S. Gerrard
    F. Torres Z. Ibrahimovic
    L. Messi

  2. Casillas
    S. Ramos J. Terry R. Ferdinand Puyol
    C. Ronaldo F. Lampard
    S. Gerrard
    F. Torres Z. Ibrahimovic
    L. Messi

  3. Sungjae Ahn

    GK Casillas RM Lionel Messi RF Fernando Torres
    RB Puyol CM Kaka CF Cristiano Ronaldo
    CRB John Terry LM Xavi LF David Villa
    LCB Nemanja Vidic
    LB Patrice Evra

  4. Www Wingdig

    GK: I Casillas 
    RB: Dani Alves
    CB: N Vidic
    CB: J Terry
    LB: P Evra
    RW: L Messi
    CM: Xavi
    AM: W Sneijder
    LW: A Robben
    CF: C Ronaldo
    CF: W Rooney

  5. strangecomet

    GK   Iker Casillas
    RB   Dani Alves     CRB   Nemanja Vidic     CLB   John Terry     LB   Puyol
    RM  Xavi     CDM   Steven Gerrard     LM   Kaka
    RW   Christiano Ronaldo     ST   Wayne Rooney     LW   Lionel Mesi

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