This post was inspired by Allen Stern’s post of people he’d like to meet in 2008 (sadly, I was not included in his list!). So I am going to list out the things I’d like to do in 2008.

  • Speak at a barcamp
  • Speak at a major conference (FOWA, or SXSW, etc.)
  • Travel more (targets this year: South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia)
  • Learn more portuguese and japanese.
  • Get some snowboarding in. (either in this hemisphere or the southern…)
  • meet more famous people so i can name drop 😉 j/k
  • Blog more
  • do more videos
  • become an international man of mystery…. or just internet famous. whichever is easier
  • expand my real like social graph 🙂
  • have more fun.

so what do you want to do this year?