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So much stuff has been going on lately in our country and our world lately that has been on my mind. Since this site is effectively my personal soap box, I figured I should use it in such a fashion. One of my goals this year was to write more, so this platform will become my medium in which to do so. Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing more and more of my personal opinions and views on subjects ranging from business to life to food to society and anything in between.

Some of the topics that seem to be on my mind the most lately are the following:

  • Inclusion (political, societal, and economic)
  • Economics (both macro and micro)
  • Politics (what is going on with our country lately??)
  • Strategy (business, marketing, operations, and more)
  • Value (how it relates to business)
  • Performance (individual performance on a physical and mental level)
  • Systems & frameworks (adding more structure to my life)
  • Food & Wine (experimentation and understanding the science of cooking better)
  • Books & learning (I’ve been consuming so many books lately, I feel the need to share what my takeaways are)

Lots of these things will be as much about me sharing my views as they will be asking questions so I can learn more.