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TV isn’t dead, its just closing its eyes.

By May 1, 20066 Comments2 min read

aka why YouTube won’t kill tv anytime soon

Lately all the uproar over the web has been that it is turning into nothing more than TV, and supposedly thats a shame. But in reality, all those people who thought the web was the thinking man’s medium have obviously been avoiding mySpace (no offense to myspace, but c’mon, its not like its pages are filled with prose), and need to realize that the web is just like every other entertainment medium we have. Just like TV, Film, Radio, etc. the internet is 90% entertainment, 10% value. So the fact that all these mediums are becoming eerily similar should be of no surprise to anyone.

Its been years since people have been proclaiming video to be the big thing coming to the web, and it wasn’t until recently that bandwidth and compatible platforms were available for this. So to those who think this is ruining the internet, they need to realize that “the internet is for porn.

Originally the point of this article was going to be how the new video services are killing tv, and tv stations aren’t really getting the whole picture. Turns out today ABC announced full streaming video for free of their top shows. So that kinda kills my argument, but I felt I had to write this today anyway. TV still has alot to learn from the internet, but I’m too lazy to repeat everyone else’s arguments on microcontent, microchunking, and the new media platforms. Eventually everyone of the major networks will catch up to ABC, and TV will change. TV will not be a seperate medium from the internet, but rather a browser to various content channels. Now its just a matter of time before the alacarte cable tv idea is dead in favor of a network based system that aggregates people’s favorite shows, favorite web media, and delivers recommendations based on it all. oh wait, maybe its already here…