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Web and tv ad crossovers – smart move

By January 19, 2007No Comments1 min read

huuuuge adThis is actually a two-fer today. I was reading Jason Calacanis‘ blog, and saw this amazing new ad format being used on today. This thing is 1000 pixels wide and 250px high. Now my first thought was, how the f- can someone pull off something this big? but seriously I really like this ad format and ad in particular too. Now I’m not sure if its going to still intrigue me when the ad unit is being used for “shoot the monkey win $100” ads, but it does offer an interesting value proposition for the online marketing/branding world. This is the literal interpretation of a billboard on the side of the highway being transferred to the web. Now my question is how do you implement something like this? and how do you charge for this?

The next part of this is really the site this first banner links to: the Monk site on USA If you’re familiar with the show, and lots of people are already, they know that one of Mr. Monk’s character flaws is his OCD. So lo and behold who is advertising on the show’s site? WINDEX! Genius ad placement. Who better to pitch your product than someone obsessed with clean.

Do you know of any clever product or ad placements?