I’ve been thinking about job boards and discussing them with some of the others in RefreshMiami a bunch lately. I know they burst onto the scene years ago (I’m talking niche job boards). So it turns out that from my 10 minute research, these features on sites (none I know of are standalone sites), are grossing almost a million dollars a year!

The top earner in the category is 37Signals Job board with over $30k/month in earnings. The second biggest earner of the bunch is not who I had expected, it is Cameron Moll’s AuthenticJobs, which is generating close to $20k/month. The AuthenticJobs is really impressive considering its a one man shop running it. Hats off Cam for making such a successful job board. Here is a link to the spreadsheet below.



Site Listings Cost Per Monthly Rev url  


Crunchboard 32 $200 $6,400 http://www.crunchboard.com  


37Signals Jobs 103 $300 $30,900 http://jobs.37signals.com/  


Authentic Jobs 68 $250 $17,000 http://www.authenticjobs.com/ fulltime


Authentic Jobs 33 $75 $2,475 http://www.authenticjobs.com/ freelance


Mashable 21 $50 $1,050 http://market.mashable.com  


ReadWriteWeb 119 $99 $11,781 http://jobs.readwriteweb.com/  


GigaOM 9 $200 $1,800 http://gigaomjobs.com/a/jbb/find-jobs  


Centernetworks 35 $49 $1,715 http://www.centernetworks.com/jobs job postings here are 2 months


VentureBeat 21 $200 $4,200 http://www.venturebeat.com  


MarketingPilgrim 71 $47 $3,337 http://jobs.marketingpilgrim.com/  


  51.2 $147 $80,658    


    yearly $967,896    

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of all the sites I’ve researched.

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