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Weekly Status Report

By December 6, 20062 Comments1 min read

So it seems i started rambling on my last entry, and forgot to actually offer up a tip.

So today’s tip: Go to David Seah‘s site, download the emergent task timer. Print out whichever version you like. Staple it to the inside of your manila folder for a project. This way you have a task list for each project on your desk. What no manila folders? go buy some!

This will also let you track who is doing what, as basecamp can’t always be your sole resource.

So what have I been upto this week? Well Monday we had RefreshMiami on monday where Mike Gowan presented about Tick. It was his first presentation ever, but he still managed to hold our attention for 45+ minutes! Hats off to Mike.

I’ve been dealing with InfiniSuite, writing up a storm for web+, doing some cool blogging things, and working on client work.