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Welcome to the 21st century SWA

By January 15, 2007No Comments1 min read

Southwest Airlines FINALLY redesigned their site after years and years of it looking the same. The new site sports ajax (or javascript for you purists), clean design, and most importantly it lacks the stodgy 1995-esque design it had been sporting since probably 1995. I have a feeling that this will probably increase their checkouts/conversions by 1-2%. Mind you I’m guessing entirely, but I suspect those who werent comfortable with the airline’s budget looking websitebefore might be more inclined to entrust their faith in the site/company.This site raises 2 questions:

  1. how much do people associate your site’s design with your company’s image (southwest=cheap airline=cheap looking site?)
  2. Secondly does the adage that people judge a website by its appearance in less than a second apply to corporate sites for companies like southwest?

What do you think?