I’ll be liveblogging this event for the next few hours. If your’re interested you can watch live right here.

1:46PM – Scott Rafer, of MyBlogLog; Chris Ahearn, of Reuters; Chris Versace, of Agile Equity; Brian O’Malley, of Battery Ventures; and Jeff Taylor, Monster and Eons.

The topic discussed first was the relationship between big and small media. MyBloglog started out talking about the difference between big media and little media. Scott covered a number of interesting points on ads in relationship to this market. The rest of the panel shared their opinions on the differences between the two.

Jeff Taylor talked for a bit about the fact his first huge company (I think first) monster.com helped people get jobs over the last ten years, and how now those same people are starting to retire (didn’t realize the lifecycle was that short, but who am I to say). So his new company Eons, which is essentially a social network for baby boomers. I’ll opine on this later, not enough time to keep up right now.
Next up they covered the costs associated with venture capital.