I’ve got to say I read a lot of magazines, mainly because I get them through various frequent flier mile deals or they are really cheap (under $15/year), but some magazines I read because I think they are key reads in this field. I probably have a half-dozen magazine subscriptions right now. Here are the mags I read:

  • INC Magazine
  • Business2.0 (so sad its going away, it was my fav)
  • FastCompany (Think it was free, could be in a prime position to replace b2.0)
  • Wired (not as interesting as it used to be, but still relevant)
  • BusinessWeek (second fav)
  • Stuff (gadgets, although this is getting axed)
  • GQ (I am obsessed with trends, what people will be/are doing)
  • Harvard Business Review

One magazine which I originally had qualms about paying for, Harvard Business Review, turned out to be worth its hefty subscription price ($99!!!) with just one article in its last issue (I was THIS close to not renewing as most of it is kind of dry). In the latest issue, there is an interview with Jeff Bezos and he puts out the single best piece of advice I have seen in ages. He suggests that it is foolish to focus on the things that will constantly change (technology, products, etc.) but rather to focus on things that will not change. His argument that things like low pricing, shipping, and customer service will always be there, so if you can make efficiencies in those areas, they will pay off more in the future than if you keep trying to keep up with the latest technologies instead of your customers.

So what does this mean to you, the budding entrepreneur? Focus on the constants: your customers. Ignore the latest hype and keep focus. If you keep getting distracted by whats going on in your periphery, you’ll miss the end goal ahead.

So what magazines do you read?