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What does apple have up its sleeve?

By January 7, 20082 Comments1 min read

Well since I’ve got a long history of posting mac stuff (shoot, 12+ years of it! wow…), I figured I would post what I think we’ll see next week at Macworld.

  • Mac Pros supporting either blu-ray or hd-dvd, and whichever they pick will be the ultimate winner.
    • OR we might see a hybrid super drive that reads both?
    • OR we might see a superdrive that writes blu-ray+dvd-r+cd-r, etc.
    • notice a trend, HD is key this year. especially with analog dying in 2009.
  • hmmm new cinema displays with isight built in and windows drivers?
  • hadn’t thought this post out very much….  so lets guess office mac 2008 will be released….
  • ok last one, i should be doing more productive stuff…. sooo…. overhauled mac-minis with some new video streaming tech and 500GB HDs

Yeah, if you want more predictions check out ThinkSecret oops. hmmm ok AppleInsider or TheMacObserver.