If the iPod was to music, and the kindle is to text, then what will the iPad mean to [insert media here]. Fake steve jobs had an interesting point when he states the kindle is a piece of shit, if the first ipod was to music what we correlate the kindle being to books, then what is the ipod touch to music, and what is the future equivalent kindle to books?

We as a collective whole have been so focused on ways to cram existing/established media formats we are familiar with into new devices that we are missing the point of technological improvements/innovations. Say we decided that the iPad, which is the device I’m thinking about in this example, should just be a glorified feed reader with formatting similar to magazines or newspapers. Wouldn’t we be missing out on all the innovation possible? I for one can’t wait to see LAYERS of data sprinkled throughout the canvas of my future media content. The fact that we can add in extra information about anything, instantly, means we can AUGMENT the media and content creation we’ve become so accustomed to consuming in static format.

So if you aren’t excited about the iPad, then please step aside as there are other people out there more than willing to take your place in the creation of the future. The iPad strikes me as the most important step we’ve seen in quite some time in personal computing. It opens up the possibilities for the message to be enhanced by the medium.