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Why Groupon should buy Foursquare

By November 23, 2010No Comments1 min read

So last week during my panel on location based services I brought up an interesting (to me) theory that foursquare would be a great fit for groupon. This came about because my presentation was about facebook places and their having successfully created a complete funnel to track leads from social network all the way to physical destinations. It made me realize, in order to survive, foursquare needs to find a suitor with tons of sales infrastructure, and lots of $ behind it. That would be: groupon!

So why do I think groupon should acquire foursquare?

  • Groupon has a huge sales staff
  • Groupon has an infinite need for new deals and sales
  • Groupon isn’t in every city yet
  • Groupon gets a bigger mobile presence

So why do I think foursquare should pray for groupon to buy them?

  • They don’t want to work at yahoo
  • They aren’t going to get bought by facebook
  • They don’t have as many viable options left
  • The salesforce and cash infusion could grow them like crazy
  • Groupon has 15-20Million people on their mailing list = nice bump in audience

So will this happen? My guess is as good as yours. Should it happen? If the price is right.

-note I heard rumors of google buying groupon since i wrote this –