After reading Karel Baloun’s post on facebook over at mashable, one thing stuck out in my mind: Karel argues that yahoo doesn’t seem to tie its properties in together. He uses 360, flickr, upcoming, and delicious as examples where yahoo has failed to integrate the sites together, but what if they just aren’t there yet? Imagine the potential for anyone of their services if they tied upcoming into 360 (and actually pushed 360), or delicious and flickr? They have all these loosely related services which ultimately could be cross-sold dramatically. I would bet that most yahoo users don’t know about upcoming or delicious.

For those of you who are writing yahoo off already, i think we all need to reexamine yahoo’s properties and see how they can ultimately ramp up their page views dramatically. Not to mention the hordes of data they are collecting on everyone that can give them super targeted demographics which translates into big ad bucks.

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