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Automattic caught A/B testing pricing for Vaultpress

By July 5, 20108 Comments1 min read

As someone who is fascinated by a/b testing, metrics driven design, lean startups, and all of the things that go with smart startup design, I found it particularly interesting what I saw the other night while chatting with a friend of mine. We were talking about Vaultpress, the upcoming product from Automattic to manage blog backups. I said “it seems kind of overpriced to me, its $20/month” he tells me “what are you talking about, it’s only $10!”.

So in addition to their innovative “suggest it yourself” form they are price testing what seems to be 3 price points (their faq, my $20 price, and his $10 price). Chances are they are testing a handful of other price points as well.

See my version

and now his
davide's version of vaultpress

This is definitely one of the most clever examples of price testing before a product launch.

What examples have you seen of price testing in the wild?